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Automating for the team
Chase Street Accessories & Engraving automates business processes using cloud-based services.

In 2019, a entrepreneur with a background in industrial design and computer science (Shana) opened a small awards, personalization, and advertising specialties business in Baltimore, MD. To streamline management of multiple sales channels and make the most of limited resources and manpower, Shana automates as many business processes as possible. The Chase Street Dev blog includes hacks, tips, and tricks the team has learned along the way.

Chase Street Accessories & Engraving uses a combination of sales platforms including Shopify, Etsy, and SAGE. Additionally, the team sets up laser engraving, rotary engraving, sublimation, and embroidery jobs with creative suites such as Corel and Adobe. To streamline order processing and customer relationship management, the team relies upon the flexibility of Microsoft 365. Using a combination of Power Automate, Power Apps, Sharepoint lists, Teams capabilities, and the rest of the M365 services, Chase Street A&E automates almost all of its workflow.

Because this industry requires a combination of specialized technical tools and intense personalized customer interaction, most out-of-the-box cloud-based services don’t quite fit the bill. However, Shana’s degrees and experience give her just enough knowledge to tailor these capabilities to the business’s needs.

Shana’s first exposure to the awards and personalization industry was when she worked in an engraving shop in high school. She quickly realized that almost no one buys trophies when they’re in a bad mood, and loved working with all the technology and design theory involved in creating products for customers. After high school, Shana went on to earn a BFA in Industrial Design and a MA in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas, and a MS in Computer Science from Dakota State University. Eventually she realized she wanted to return to creative pursuits, and with the help of her husband Chris opened Chase Street Accessories & Engraving.

As an owner and the project lead for Chase Street A&E, Shana focuses on keeping all processes running smoothly. She drives the team crazy with checklists and processes to ensure the most efficient and effective customer service possible. Her experience in computer science and web development means the Chase Street A&E website is built in-house and hand-tailored to the needs of clients.